Healthy Heart Drop In Clinic

Our centre has a Healthy Heart drop-in clinic run by the Women’s Health Nurse, Andrea. It happens twice a month on Wednesday from 2-4 pm.

Andrea offers a random blood cholesterol test, BP check and information on healthy behaviours to prevent heart disease. This can include assessment of risks such as diet, smoking, body mass index and exercise. It is a chance to have a chat and become more informed or aware.

We have excellent resources from the Heart Foundation, including a ‘wallet’ resource on how to recognise signs of a heart attack, which can be different for women compared to the signs and symptoms for men.

The Making the Invisible Visible campaign by the Heart Foundation is raising the awareness of heart disease for women. Heart disease kills 3 x as many women compared with breast cancer each year. Heart disease currently claims the lives of 24 Australian women per day. We all need to be paying more attention to this issue.

To see more about our Healthy Heart project for women visit this page Healthy Hearts for women.