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Our services recognise and challenge the effects of sex-role stereotyping and gender discrimination on women’s health and wellbeing. We work to empower women to determine their individual needs and to make and access evidence informed choices.

DROP IN Services

Our workers are available to speak with women either over the phone or by coming into the centre about any situation they may find themselves in. 

SEXUAL ASSAULT & Domestic Violence Services

Counselling for women who are adult survivors of childhood sexual assault is available at Lismore Women’s Health & Resource Centre in partnership with Full Stop Australia. The Counsellors are professionally qualified and trained. They work within a best practice trauma-based therapeutic model.

This service is provided with our vision of vibrant and wellbeing for all women and girls. We empower women and girls by providing a holistic feminist health service in a safe and respectful environment.

Health Promotion & Education

Our Health promotion Officer provides both in-house and outreach health promotion and illness prevention activities to women and girls. Activities include group workshops and presentations, pop-up health clinics undertaking women’s health and preventative health checks, and the distribution of health information and resources across the greater Lismore Region. This service provides women and girls with opportunities for improving their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, increasing health literacy, skills and community connections, and raises public awareness and understanding of key health and wellbeing issues.

Women’s health nurse clinic

The Women’s Health Nurse is available for specialist advice and has expertise is sexual and reproductive health and Women’s health nursing. She is available for appointments either face-to-face or by telephone. In particular, if dealing with an unplanned pregnancy…

Intake Referral & Support

This service provides an opportunity for women to come and speak with our Intake, Information and Referral Officer about anything that may be concerning them. From this point we are able to provide information on services and programs within the area that may be able to assist them further. This service allows women the opportunity to discuss their wants and needs and be reassured that they are being referred to a service that will best suit them.

As a NSW government approved sponsor organisation the Work and Development Order (WDO) Scheme, we also provide vulnerable women support to clear outstanding fines (penalty notice and court fines) with activities or treatment rather than money. Women are eligible to participate in the scheme if they are homeless, have a mental illness, intellectual disability, cognitive impairment, serious addiction to drugs or alcohol, or are in acute financial hardship (i.e. on a Centrelink benefit). The WDO Scheme enables eligible people to clear up to $1000 a month from their fines by participating in medical, mental health or drug and alcohol treatment, counselling (including case management), financial counselling, vocational, educational or life skills courses, or voluntary work.

Counsellor Info Page


Our experienced generalist counsellors offers high quality, professional help in a strictly confidential setting. They provide support with any concern however big or small including:

  • Decreasing levels of anxiety and depression.
  • Management of and recovery from traumatic experiences.
  • Recovery work on the impacts of domestic and family violence and sexual assault.
  • Help with relationship or parenting problems.
  • Separation and divorce issues.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Grief and loss.
  • Drug and alcohol issues.
  • Stress management and wellbeing.
  • Self-esteem skills.
  • Relationship skills.

Our counsellors take a range of approaches to counselling, including Humanistic, Feminist, Trauma Informed, Solutions-Focused, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Motivational interviewing and Polyvagal theory and Gestalt principles.