PASH Conference

pash_lips-logoLWHRC is a partner in the PASH consortium which is unique as it brings together many people across over 30 local organisations with the shared purpose of supporting young people around sexuality, sexual health, mental health, alcohol & other drugs and related issues.

The purpose of PASH is to support the understanding that sex is a normal and natural part of life – with the message being “let’s be informed, supported and empowered to make choices that feel right for you and your body”.

PASH also supports young people and their support systems (parents, teachers and health professionals) to develop skills and positive attitude around safer sex and how to access sexual health services locally including STI testing and treatment.


Including research and community engagement, one activity of the consortium is the annual PASH conference which in 2016 was another huge success. 600 plus students attended over the two days from 14 high schools in the local area all the way from Tweed Heads to South Grafton out to Kyogle.
PASH creates a safe and supportive space for teenagers to share what is going on for them, and learn about a wide range of topics from contraception, social media and sex, body image, safe sex, consent, mental health, the risks of tattooing, sex and the law, gender identity and more… One of the highlights of PASH is the equalness that the young people are held in, that they are naturally wise and smart and as adults we have as much to learn from them as they have to learn from us.

17 concurrent sessions ranging from Consent, Love and Sex online, Pornography, Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs, Sex and Disability and Byron Youth Theatre. Safe sex, local sexual health services and social media were also popular topics.

Workshops explored consent and generally opened the space for young people to share their experience and challenges, with the impact of pornography on stereotypes, pressures and sexual behaviour a common theme.  The popular Byron Youth Theatre gave young people the opportunity to explore a variety of ‘real life’ scenarios around law, consent and pornography. The mind, body, soul section of the program brought an emphasis on the importance of a healthy relationship with our body through discussions on nutrition, as a foundation for sexual health and well-being.  Expression through art was also part of this component of the program, supporting young people to express what ‘well-being’ meant for them personally.

LWHRC is greatly appreciated as a partner of PASH, particularly in our support of a social welfare student placement focussing on the PASH conference.